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Depelec integrated kitchen electricity by "Depelec spirit, adhere to the DEP: elegant, Delicate and lasting (Enduring), professional (Profesional) the brand concept of" as the operating rules, Depelec appliances with "integrity, responsibility, innovation, win-win" as the core of enterprise culture, at the same time set up the product with the brand of "diversity", Depelec integrated kitchen electric operational concepts, technology, management, mechanism, marketing innovation, constantly extend Depelec brand advantage, focus on "Depelec integrated kitchen electric" brand promotion and management, and is committed to be the national integrated kitchen appliances and the creator and disseminator of culture. Depelec warmly welcome friends from all walks of life, both at home and abroad colleagues and "Depelec" hand in hand to create brilliant!

【Agent conditions】
1. The natural person, the territory of the People's Republic of China's autonomous capability of enterprise legal person, Depelec electrical business philosophy, has a strong entrepreneurial spirit and the brand sense of belonging; Managers with good personality, strong gumption.
2. Management, marketing, channel management ability; Good financial strength, good credit.
3. Relevant industry experience and marketing capabilities, our industry is full of confidence.
4. Good business reputation and entrepreneurial spirit, and the right amount of start-up capital.
5. In the image and to accept the company's management and supervision and management must consciously maintain Depelec appliances brand image.
Well-known brand: "Enjoy life Depelec appliances"
1. Agents can share brand effect, distinctive brand image, excellent business philosophy, good corporate reputation. With the public to the brand recognition, reputation and credibility, to achieve sustainable development; Diversity of advertising: The company regularly in a variety of media advertising, in order to increase the awareness of the brand.
2. The company strong production, sales, design one-stop service ability bring strong support to your agent and sales.
【Agent treatment】
1. Provide free professional training guidance, make you quickly master relevant business skills easily.
2. Free to send technicians to do model project, make good preparation for you.
3. The company's new product into the market, you can be preferential access to latest products in the industry and corporation technology innovation, let you always walk in the forefront industry.
4. Strong sales support: The company assist agents to develop the corresponding promotion plan, and is responsible for the complete project design and promotion advertising design.
5. The tracking service and after-sale protection, analyze and solve your any problems in the process of the agent.
【Service commitment】
1. Unified action plan: Depelec integrated kitchen electricity on its own strong management operation system, for all entrepreneurs to provide first-class brand image. Concrete is: advertising, store image, a unified management mode, greatly reduces the startup business exploration period of the venture.
2. Species diversity plan: Only one purpose, to make the customer satisfied!
【After-sales promise】
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